We are a highly experienced trial law firm specializing in federal criminal defense.  Because we are dedicated, career federal criminal defense attorneys, our unwavering mission is to zealously protect the Constitutional rights of our clients through the power of law.

The focus of our dedicated, national practice is strictly on federal crimes with an emphasis on complex cases and cases that involve unique or novel constitutional legal issues.

We also represent clients who have become targets or subjects of a grand jury investigation and those who have received a subpoena to testify or produce documents before a federal grand jury.  Often, the earlier these kinds of cases establish a robust, proactive defense, the better the result for the client.

One of our unique areas of litigation is serving clients who have been harmed by our own colleagues through lawyer neglect or incompetence.  We fight against ineffective assistance of counsel because we are firm enforcers of the 6th Amendment’s guarantee that people charged with crimes be given loyal, effective and zealous representation.  We are therefore zealous advocates for clients with possible ineffective assistance of counsel claims and do not hesitate to attack fellow lawyers when they have actually harmed a client.

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  • Mr. Cortez and Ms. Valentine are hands down the most professional and caring lawyers I have ever encountered. From the beginning of my husband’s case they were honest, dedicated and truly cared for the well being of all parties involved. I would hire his team again in a heartbeat and recommend Mr. Cortez and Ms. Valentine to any of my friends or family members in need of a lawyer. If you want a team who will fight for you and your case, this is definitely the firm to hire to get you results!
    I can’t thank Mr. Cortez and Ms. Valentine enough for all their hard work and loyalty they showed my family during one of the hardest year we’ve ever had to go through.

  • My experience with Mr. Cortez provided not only a defense I could stand behind during my darkest hours, but a support system that helped set my life back on course.

  • From the moment Attorney Cortez accepted my case (over a weekend) he worked tirelessly, regardless of business hours or holiday schedules, first to get my bail, then on the case, analyzing, then dealing with each part both efficiently and effectively, always aiming at our agreed upon goal, the outcome I wanted… Mr Cortez was brilliant in all phases of his operation and his carefully chosen staff contributed and complimented his peerless works! He even took time to work with my family, to minimize the trauma and help us through a very difficult time…