The Law Offices of Ezekiel E. Cortez is a unique and highly experienced federal criminal defense firm.  We represent clients charged in federal courts with an emphasis on complex white-collar fraud cases, complex fraud conspiracies, vast RICO prosecutions, and complex drug and money laundering offenses.

We also frequently serve clients who have not yet been indicted, but are under federal investigation or have received a subpoena to testify or produce documents before a federal grand jury.  Often, the earlier these kinds of cases establish a proactive defense, the better the result for the client.

One of our unique areas of litigation is serving clients who have been harmed by our own colleagues through lawyer malfeasance or incompetence.  We are firm proponents of the 6th Amendment, which guarantees that people charged with crimes be given effective legal representation.  We are therefore zealous advocates for clients with possible ineffective assistance of counsel claims against their prior lawyers. We do not hesitate to attack fellow lawyers when they have actually harmed their client.

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  • If I had engaged Mr. Cortez to begin with, I would have achieved a significantly better result. After spending nearly $200,000 on another less competent law firm, which was taking their lead from another co-defendant’s lawyers to my detriment, he was able to obtain a great result for me.

  • From the moment Attorney Cortez accepted my case (over a weekend) he worked tirelessly, regardless of business hours or holiday schedules, first to get my bail, then on the case, analyzing, then dealing with each part both efficiently and effectively, always aiming at our agreed upon goal, the outcome I wanted… Mr Cortez was brilliant in all phases of his operation and his carefully chosen staff contributed and complimented his peerless works! He even took time to work with my family, to minimize the trauma and help us through a very difficult time…

  • You can hire a defense attorney but I found in Mr. Cortez to be an advocate for all things that were then affecting my life. When I speak of him, I remind everyone he was my Counselor in the truest sense.  Today I am a better man for his work for and with me during those dark times.