Mr. Cortez is a specialist in federal criminal law, certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization, and a highly experienced trial and appellate lawyer with decades of experience in federal criminal defense.  As a career federal criminal defense attorney, his unwavering mission is to passionately and ethically protect his clients and their Constitutional rights through the power of law. His law firm and group carry out their criminal defense mission fortified by the support of a group of independent criminal defense attorneys, licensed investigators, and Paralegals who, when needed, form part of his robust legal team.

Mr. Cortez’s national practice is strictly limited to federal courts with an emphasis on complex cases and cases that involve unique or novel constitutional legal issues.

He also represents clients who have become targets or subjects of a grand jury investigation and those who have received a subpoena to testify or produce documents before a federal grand jury.  Often, the earlier these kinds of cases establish a robust, proactive defense, the better the result for the client.

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Ezekiel E. Cortez

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  • My experience with Mr. Cortez provided not only a defense I could stand behind during my darkest hours, but a support system that helped set my life back on course.

  • You can hire a defense attorney but I found in Mr. Cortez to be an advocate for all things that were then affecting my life. When I speak of him, I remind everyone he was my Counselor in the truest sense.  Today I am a better man for his work for and with me during those dark times.

  • Ezekiel E. Cortez has had a remarkable variety of life and professional experiences as well as an intellect that is capable of understanding even the most abstract nuances of matters financial, international and even chemical, as pertains to Federal Law. Further, he is a remarkably quick study, allowing him to both understand and interface with professionals in EVERY discipline, and thus extract and utilize materials and information that would absolutely be lost on most other attorneys. Even those with “star” reputations.